Apply to YA

What you need to know

Our lab focuses on developing new tools, methods, and models in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Getting in pace with the work in our lab requires some prior knowledge and skills. To get a head start on joining our lab, it is recommended to be familiar with the following research and methods.

Please go over the following items before applying to join our lab.


Completion of the following courses is not obligatory, but you are likely to need the basic knowledge and tools taught in the following academic courses:

  • Programming course
  • Neuroanatomy
  • ¬†Brain Mapping & Neuroimaging
  • Statistics
  • Image Processing

Test your suitability to YALab:

Our lab utilizes various tools and programming environments to conduct research. The majority of our daily research involves dedicated software written in MATLAB, Python, or other Linux-based platforms. Additionally, we employ data analysis routines to inspect and model our data, as well as visualize the outcomes to understand and draw conclusions regarding our hypotheses.
In the following task, you will be required to perform the following steps

  1. Download the mean-diffusivity map and registered atlas of one subject from here. The data is in NIfTI (NII) format
  2. Open the data using any programming platform of your choice (we typically use MATLAB or Python).
  3. For each index in the atlas file, calculate the average of the mean diffusivity after removing outliers
  4. Prepare a graph that illustrates the variation of mean diffusivity across different brain regions. You may consider color-coding the graph based on additional data. For instance, you could color all regions belonging to the granular cortex in green.
  5. Once you have completed the task, if you wish, you can schedule a meeting via this link or this email.